KIA Niro: Intake And Exhaust System


 Air Cleaner Repair procedures

Removal and Installation Air Cleaner Assembly Disconnect the air duct B (A). Tightening torque : 2.9 - 4.9 N*m (0.3 - 0.5 kgf*m, 2.2 - 3.6 lb*ft) Disconnect the mass air flow sensor (MAFS) connector (A) and breather hose (B).

 EGR Cooler Repair procedures | Intake Manifold Repair procedures

EGR Cooler Components and components location Components EGR cooler pipe A EGR cooler EGR cooler pipe B EGR cooler coolant hose Electric EGR control valve EGR cooler pipe C Gasket Operation EGR Cooler R


 Electrical Circuit Inspection Procedure

Open Circuit Test Procedures for Open Circuit Continuity Check Voltage Check If an open circuit occurs (as seen in (FIG. 1)), it can be found by performing Step 2 (Continuity Check Method) or Step 3 (Voltage Check Method) as shown b

 Camshaft Position Sensor (CMPS)

Description Camshaft Position Sensor (CMPS) is a hall sensor, which detects the camshaft position by using a hall element. It is related with Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKPS) and detects the piston position of each cylinder which cannot be