KIA Niro: Airbag Module


 Driver Airbag (DAB) Module and Clock Spring

Driver Airbag (DAB) Module and Clock Spring Description and operation Description Driver Airbag (DAB) is installed in the steering wheel and electrically connected to SRSCM via the clock spring. It protects the driver by deploying the airbag

 Passenger Airbag (PAB) and Side Airbag (SAB)

Passenger Airbag (PAB) Module Description and operation Description The passenger airbag (PAB) is installed inside the crash pad and protects the front passenger in the event of a frontal crash. The SRSCM determines if and when to deploy the PAB.


 How vehicle radio works

FM reception AM and FM radio signals are broadcast from transmitter towers located around your city. They are intercepted by the radio antenna on your vehicle. This signal is then processed by the radio and sent to your vehicle speakers.

 Front Bumper Cover, Front Bumper Beam Assembly

Front Bumper / Components And Components Location Front bumper cover Front bumper side bracket (LH) Front bumper side bracket (RH) Front Bumper Cover Components and components location Front bumper assembly Front Bum