KIA Niro: Seat Electrical


 Power Seat Motor

Power Seat Motor Components and components location Lumbar support motor (Horizontal) Slide motor Reclining motor Rear height motor Front tilt motor Reclining limit switch Seat cushion switch Seat back switch Lumbar support sw

 Power Seat Control Switch Repair procedures

Inspection Diagnosis With KDS The body electrical system can be quickly diagnosed for failed parts by using the vehicle diagnostic system (KDS). The diagnostic system (KDS) provides the following information. (1) Self diagnosis : Checks

 Seat Heater

Front Seat Heater Seat heater unit (Assist seat only) Front seat back heater Front seat cushion heater Front Seat Heater (Air Ventilation) Air ventilation seat unit (Assist seat only) Front seat back heater Front seat cushi


 Cup holders

Ambient lights The ambient lights are applied to the front crash pad. Cup holders (if equipped) Press the button to use the cup holder. Cups or small beverage cans can be placed in the cup holders. Slide the cup holder to use it as a

 Displaying operating status

You can see the status of the Smart Cruise Control operation in the Driving Assist view on the cluster. Refer to "LCD display modes" Smart Cruise Control will be displayed as below depending on the status of the function. Operating