KIA Niro: Seat Heater

Front Seat Heater

  1. Seat heater unit (Assist seat only)
  2. Front seat back heater
  3. Front seat cushion heater

Front Seat Heater (Air Ventilation)

  1. Air ventilation seat unit (Assist seat only)
  2. Front seat back heater
  3. Front seat cushion heater

Rear Seat Heater

  1. Rear seat heater unit
  2. Rear seat cushion heater

Circuit Diagram

Front Seat Heater

Seat Heater Repair procedures


 Seat Heater Repair procedures

Inspection Front Seat Heater Check for continuity and measure the resistance between power terminal (heater : 3, ventilation : 4) and ground terminal (6). Standard value Driver / Assists (cushion + back) Heater seat : 1.77Ω+-10%/23ºC

 Seat Heater Switch Repair procedures

Seat Heater Switch Components and components location Front Seat Switch Driver side seat heater switch Passenger side seat heater switch Rear Seat Switch Rear seat heater switch (LH/RH) Description Seat Heater Smart Control

 Air Ventilation Seat

Air Ventilation Seat Components and components location Ventilation seat blower Ventilation seat unit (Assist seat only) Circuit Diagram Removal Ventilation Blower Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. Remove the fron


 Driver Attention Warning malfunction and limitations

Driver Attention Warning malfunction A: Check Driver Attention Warning (DAW) system When Driver Attention Warning is not working properly, the warning message will appear on the cluster for several seconds, and the master ( ) warning light

 Piston Pins

Measure the diameter of the piston pin. Piston pin diameter : 17.997 - 18.000 mm (0.70854 - 0.70866 in.) Measure the piston pin-to-piston clearance. Piston pin-to-piston clearance : 0.005 - 0.012 mm (0.00020 - 0.00047 in.) Chec