KIA Niro: Seat Heater Switch Repair procedures

Seat Heater Switch Components and components location

Front Seat Switch

  1. Driver side seat heater switch
  2. Passenger side seat heater switch

Rear Seat Switch

  1. Rear seat heater switch (LH/RH)


Seat Heater Smart Control Technology

  • To prevent low temperature burn, seat heater temperature will automatically be lowered after a certain period of time.

    (Low temperature burn condition: Over 30 minutes at 50ºC)

Seat Heater Smart Control Operation

1st Row Seat

  • Change to "MID" after 30 minutes in "HIGH", then "LOW" after 60 minutes in "MID"
  • Change to "LOW" after 60 minutes in "MID"

2nd Row Seat

2nd Row Seat

  • Change to "LOW" after 30 minutes in "HIGH"



  • If temperature is raised manually within certain period of time after the temperature was lowered automatically, it will be lowered again soon to prevent overheating or low temperature burn.
  • This is normal operating condition as a safety device.

Seat Heater Switch Schematic diagrams

Front Seat Heater Switch

Rear Seat Heater Switch

Rear Seat Heater Switch



Front Seat

  1. Remove the floor console assembly.

    (Refer to Body - "Floor Console Assembly")

  2. Disconnect the console switch connector (A).

  1. Remove the console switch assembly (A) by loosening the screw.

Rear Seat

Rear Seat

  1. Remove the rear door power window switch.

    (Refer to Power Windows - "Power Window Switch")


  1. Install in the reverse order of removal.


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