KIA Niro: Hybrid Motor Assembly


 Hybrid Drive Motor Assembly Repair procedures

Description The hybrid motor system is equipped with two electric motors - HSG and drive motor. The traction motor operates to move the vehicle, to reduce Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) while driving and to improve fuel efficienc

 Hybrid Starter Generator(HSG) Repair procedures

Hybrid Starter Generator(HSG) Components and components location Components Hybrid starter generator (HSG) HSG bracket Specification Hybrid Starter Generator(HSG) Repair procedures Inspection Inspect the line to line resistanc

 Hybrid Motor Control System

Description The Hybrid Power Control Unit (HPCU), composed of various components, is the core device among the Power Electronics devices that acts as the brain. It comprises of the Hybrid Control Unit (HCU), an inverter Motor Control Un


 Shift Lever | Shift Cable

Components Shift lever knob & boots Shift lever assembly Shift cable assembly Shift Lever Repair procedures Removal Shift the gear to "N". Remove the knob (A) by pulling it in the direction of arrow af

 HLA (Hydraulic Lash Adjuster)

With the HLA filled with engine oil, hold A and press B by hand. If B moves, replace the HLA. Reassembly Warning Thoroughly clean all parts to be assembled. Before installing the parts, apply fresh engine oil to all sliding