KIA Niro: Hood

Hood / Repair Procedures


  1. After loosening the hinge (A) mounting bolts, adjust the hood (B) by moving it up and down, or right and left.
  2. Adjust the hood height by turning the hood overslam bumpers (C).
  3. After loosening the hood latch (D) mounting bolts, adjust the latch by moving it up and down, or right and left.

Component Location

Component Location

  1. Hood assembly


 Hood Assembly Repair procedures

Replacement Warning Be careful not to damage the hood and body. Warning Work in a group of two when removing and installing the hood. Use a clip remover to remove clips. Remove the hood assembly (A) after loosening the hood hinge mount

 Hood lower latch assembly

Hood lower latch assembly Replacement Remove the front bumper cover. (Refer to Front Bumper - "Front Bumper Cover") Disconnect the hood lower latch connector (A). Remove the engine clutch reservoir (A) after loos

 Interior Trim


 Evasive Steering Assist function (if equipped) (Kia Niro EV)

Warning and control The Evasive Steering Assist function is warned and controlled by the following level. Emergency Steering Emergency Steering (Driver steering assist) A: Emergency Steering To warn the driver that emergency stee

 Power windows lock button

Kia NIRO Hybrid Operation Push the power windows lock button. Rear passenger window is inoperable. The front driver and passenger window can be operated. WARNING NEVER leave the keys in your vehicle with unsupervised c