KIA Niro: Hood

Hood / Repair Procedures


  1. After loosening the hinge (A) mounting bolts, adjust the hood (B) by moving it up and down, or right and left.
  2. Adjust the hood height by turning the hood overslam bumpers (C).
  3. After loosening the hood latch (D) mounting bolts, adjust the latch by moving it up and down, or right and left.

Component Location

Component Location

  1. Hood assembly


 Hood Assembly Repair procedures

Replacement Warning Be careful not to damage the hood and body. Warning Work in a group of two when removing and installing the hood. Use a clip remover to remove clips. Remove the hood assembly (A) after loosening the hood hinge mount

 Hood lower latch assembly

Hood lower latch assembly Replacement Remove the front bumper cover. (Refer to Front Bumper - "Front Bumper Cover") Disconnect the hood lower latch connector (A). Remove the engine clutch reservoir (A) after loos

 Interior Trim


 Windshield Glass / Repair Procedures

Windshield Glass / Components And Components Location Windshield glass Windshield Glass / Repair Procedures Removal Warning Put on gloves to protect your hands. Warning Use seat covers to avoid damaging any surfaces. Remove the fr

 Brake Line

Brake Line Components and components location Removal Disconnect the brake fluid level switch connector, and remove the reservoir cap. Remove the brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir with a syringe. Warning Do not spill