KIA Niro: AHB(Active Hydraulic Boost) System


 AHB(Active Hydraulic Boost) System / Description And Operation

Description Regeneration Brake System During deceleration or braking of an electric vehicle or HEV, the drive motor acts as an alternator and charges the battery by converting the vehicle's kinetic energy generated during braking into electrical

 Brake Actuation Unit Repair procedures

Brake Actuation Unit Components and components location Components Warning IBAU(Intergrated Brake Actuation Unit) must not be disassembled. Integrated Brake Actuation Unit (IBAU) ECU Reservoir Pedal Simulator Integrated Brake Actuati

 Pressure Source Unit Repair procedures

Pressure Source Unit Components and components location Components Warning PSU (Presser Source Unit) must not be disassembled. Pressure Source Unit (PSU) Pressure Source Unit (PSU) connector Motor Filler adapter Bracket Accumulat


 Limitations of Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist may not operate properly, or it may operate unexpectedly under the following circumstances: Departing from where trees or grass are overgrown Departing from where roads are wet Speed of the a

 Lane Keeping Assist operation

Turning Lane Keeping Assist On/ Off Whenever the vehicle is turned off and on, Lane Keeping Assist will always turn on and the white ( ) indicator light will appear on the cluster. Press and hold the Lane Driving Assist button to turn o