KIA Niro: Front Door


 Front Door / Repair Procedures

Front Door / Components And Components Location Front door trim Front door module & panel Front door belt outside weatherstrip Front door side weatherstrip Front door body side weatherstrip Front door window glass run Front do

 Front Door Trim Repair procedures | Front Door Window Glass

Front door trim Replacement Remove the front door quadrant inner cover (A) by using a remover. Disconnect the cap (A) after loosening the screw. Remove the front door trim (A). Remove the front door


 Power Seat Motor

Power Seat Motor Components and components location Lumbar support motor (Horizontal) Slide motor Reclining motor Rear height motor Front tilt motor Reclining limit switch Seat cushion switch Seat back switch Lumbar support sw

 Low Voltage DC/DC Converter

Specification Description The Low Voltage DC/DC is integrated into the HPCU. It charges the auxiliary battery as a substitute for generator by converting the high voltage (DC 270V) from the high voltage battery into low voltage (DC 12V).