KIA Niro: Front Door


 Front Door / Repair Procedures

Front Door / Components And Components Location Front door trim Front door module & panel Front door belt outside weatherstrip Front door side weatherstrip Front door body side weatherstrip Front door window glass run Front do

 Front Door Trim Repair procedures | Front Door Window Glass

Front door trim Replacement Remove the front door quadrant inner cover (A) by using a remover. Disconnect the cap (A) after loosening the screw. Remove the front door trim (A). Remove the front door


 Front / Rear Outlet Cooling Duct

Front Outlet Cooling Duct Switch "OFF" the ignition and disconnect the negative (-) terminal of the auxiliary 12V battery. Shut off the high voltage circuit. (Refer to Hybrid Control System - "High Voltage Shutoff Procedure")

 AC charging connector lock

This AC charging connector lock function prevents an outsider from removing the charging connector from the charging inlet. Connector lock Always lock The connector locks when the charging connector is plugged into the charging inlet. The