KIA Niro: Front Door / Repair Procedures

Front Door / Components And Components Location

  1. Front door trim
  2. Front door module & panel
  3. Front door belt outside weatherstrip
  4. Front door side weatherstrip
  5. Front door body side weatherstrip
  6. Front door window glass run
  7. Front door frame molding
  8. Front door quadrant inner cover
  9. Front door belt inside weatherstrip
  10. Front door inside handle cap
  11. Front door pull handle cap
  12. Front door hinge

Front Door / Repair Procedures


Glass Adjustment


Check the glass run channel for damage or deterioration, and replace it if necessary.

  1. Remove the front door trim.

    (Refer to Front Door - "Front Door Trim")

  2. Remove the front door window glass mounting hole plug (A).

  1. Carefully move the front door window glass (A) until the glass mounting bolts are visible, then loosen them.

  1. Check that the glass moves smoothly.

Door Striker Adjustment


Make sure the door latches securely without slamming it. If necessary adjust the striker (A): The striker nuts are fixed. The striker can be fine adjusted up or down, and in or out.

  1. Loosen the screws (B) just enough for the striker to move.

Tightening torque : (B) : 16.7 - 21.6 N*m (1.7 - 2.2 kgf*m, 12.3 - 15.9 lb*ft)

  1. Tap on the striker with a plastic hammer to adjust the striker. The striker will not move much, but will give some adjustment.
  2. Hold the outer handle out, and push the door against the body to be sure the striker allows a flush fit. If the door latches properly, tighten the screws and recheck.

Door Position Adjustment


After installing the door, check for a flush fit with the body, then check for equal gaps between the front, rear, and bottom, door edges and the body. Check that the door and body edges are parallel. Before adjusting, replace the mounting bolts.

  1. Check that the door and body edges are parallel.

  1. Place the vehicle on a firm, level surface when adjusting the doors.
  2. Adjust at the hinges (A) :
  • Loosen the door mounting bolts slightly, and move the door in and out until it aligns flush with the body.
  • Loosen the hinge mounting bolts slightly, and move the door backward and forward, or up and down as necessary to equalize the gaps.
  • Place a shop towel on the jack to prevent damage to the door when adjusting the door.

Tightening torque : (B) : 21.6 - 26.5 N*m (2.2 - 2.7 kgf*m, 15.9 - 19.5 lb*ft)

  1. Grease the pivot portions of the hinges indicated.
  2. Check for water leaks.


     Front Door Trim Repair procedures | Front Door Window Glass

    Front door trim Replacement Remove the front door quadrant inner cover (A) by using a remover. Disconnect the cap (A) after loosening the screw. Remove the front door trim (A). Remove the front door

     Front Door Module | Front Door Outside Handle

    Front Door Module Components and components location Front door module Replacement Remove the front door trim. (Refer to Front Door - "Front Door Trim") Disconnect the front door main connector (A).


     Front Brake

    Inspection Check the pads for excessive wear, discs for run out and wear, and calipers for fluid leakage. Front brake disc thickness check Check the brake pads for wear and fade. Check the brake disc for damage and cracks. Remove all rust

     EV button

    Whenever you press the EV button, Plug-in hybrid system drive mode will be changed in sequential as: Automatic (AUTO) mode - Hybrid (CS) mode - Electric (CD) mode. Press and hold the EV button to change to EV+ mode. Each time the mode is