KIA Niro: Cooling System


  1. Reservoir tank
  2. Reservoir hose & pipe
  3. Radiator
  4. Radiator upper hose
  5. Radiator lower hose
  6. Radiator upper mounting bracket (RH)
  7. Radiator upper mounting bracket (LH)
  8. Radiator lower mounting insulator (RH)
  9. Radiator lower mounting insulator (LH)
  10. Cooling fan assembly 11. Air dam

Engine Overheat Troubleshooting

Inspection : → Remedy

Visual inspection

Inspect for shortage of coolant in reservoir tank .

Reinspect after replenishing coolant.

Inspect for coolant pollution after removing radiator cap. → Reinspect after replacing coolant.


Be careful when removing radiator cap from overheated vehicle.

Inspect for leakage and loose coolant hoses (radiator hose, heater hose, oil cooler hose, etc.).  → Reinspect for leakage after reinstalling
hoses and clamps.

Inspect for leakage on water inlet fitting mounting part.

  • Reinspect for leakage after replacing Oring.

  • Reinspect for leakage after tightening to the specified torque.

Inspect drive belt (for normal operation of water pump). → Adjust drive belt tension or replace.

Inspect for leakage on water pump gasket mounting part.

  • Reinspect for leakage after replacing gasket.

  • Reinspect for leakage after tightening to the specified torque.

Inspect for loose coolant temperature sensor, cooling fan connector and pin.

  • Reinstall loose connector.

  • Replace relevant part if connector pin is damaged.

Inspect operation status of cooling fan.

  • Check operation status by switching ON/OFF the heater control A/C. → Check mounting status of ground cable.


Will not operate in cold ambient temperature.

Inspection : → Remedy

Diagnostic device

Inspect self-diagnostic code using KDS. → Check coolant temperature sensor, wiring, connector, etc.

Inspection : → Remedy

Unit inspection

Inspect water pump impeller. →Replace water pump.

Inspect for foreign materials and status of thermostat valve. → Inspect unit after removing foreign materials.

Inspect for stuck thermostat valve.

  • Immerse thermostat in water heated to over 95°C (203°F), then heat for at least 3 minutes to check valve lift. → 

    Check valve lift.

  •  Replace thermostat if valve lift is below
    specification or valve is stuck.


  • Do not use water below 95°
    C (203°F).

  • Do not directly heat unit as
    this will damage thermostat.


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