KIA Niro: AVN System


 AVN System / Description And Operation

AVN System / Components And Components Location AVN head unit External amplifier Crash pad LTE antenna Roof LTE antenna Multimedia jack Steering wheel remote control (SWRC) Hands-free mic (Built-in overhead console) Description

 Vehicle Information Systems (UVO)

AVN head unit Crash pad LTE antenna (Wi-Fi, LTE 2) UVO Keypad Roof LTE antenna (AM/FM + DMB + GPS + LTE 1) Description Vehicle information systems (UVO) based on state-of-the-art IT systems, safety and security Warning The term &

 Speaker Repair procedures

Troubleshooting of the speakers Warning When handling the speakers : Do not cause shock to the speakers by dropping or throwing them. Be careful not to drop water and oil on the speakers. Use caution to handle the speaker because diaphra


 Front Seat Back Cover

Front seat back cover Replacement Remove the front seat assembly. (Refer to Front Seat - "Front Seat Assembly") Remove the front seat outer shield cover. (Refer to Front Seat - "Front Seat Outer Shield Cover")

 Pressure Source Unit Repair procedures

Pressure Source Unit Components and components location Warning PSU (Presser Source Unit) must not be disassembled. Pressure Source Unit (PSU) Pressure Source Unit (PSU) connector Motor Filler adapter Bracket Accumulator Remova