KIA Niro: Body Control Module (BCM)


 Body Control Module (BCM) / Description And Operation

Specifications Schematic Diagrams Connector Pin Information Description Body Control Module (BCM) function Washer Linked Wiper If the washer switch is pressed ON for 0.06-0.2 second with the

 Body Control Module (BCM) / Repair Procedures

Removal Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. Remove the glove box housing. (Refer to Body - "Glove Box Housing") Disconnect the blower motor connector (A). Disconnect the body control module connectors (A).

 Button Engine Start System


 Owner maintenance schedule

When you stop for charging Check the coolant level in the coolant reservoir. Check the windshield washer fluid level. Look for low or underinflated tires. WARNING Be careful when checking your coolant level when the motor compartment

 Map lamp

Type A Type B Operation Press or touch the lamp (1) to turn the map lamp ON. (2): DOOR mode (3): Front and rear room lamps on and off. INFORMATION- (Kia Niro Hybrid only) DOOR mode The map lamp and room lamp come on