KIA Niro: Body Control Module (BCM)


 Body Control Module (BCM) / Description And Operation

Specifications Schematic Diagrams Connector Pin Information Description Body Control Module (BCM) function Washer Linked Wiper If the washer switch is pressed ON for 0.06-0.2 second with the

 Body Control Module (BCM) / Repair Procedures

Removal Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. Remove the glove box housing. (Refer to Body - "Glove Box Housing") Disconnect the blower motor connector (A). Disconnect the body control module connectors (A).

 Button Engine Start System


 Adjusting regenerative braking with paddle shifter

The regenerative braking system allows you to charge the battery when you use the brakes to stop the vehicle. Adjusting regenerative braking with paddle shifter Operation Pull the left side ( ) of the paddle shifter to increase

 General safety information and caution

Precautions General Precautions Please read the following precautions carefully before performing the airbag system service. Observe the instructions described in this manual, or the airbags could accidentally deploy and cause damage or injur