KIA Niro: Timing System


 Front Oil Seal Repair procedures | Timing Chain Cover Repair procedures

Components Front oil seal Timing chain cover Variable force solenoid (VFS) valve O-ring Timing chain tensioner Timing chain tensioner arm Timing chain guide Timing chain Timing chain cam guide Front

 Timing Chain Repair procedures

Removal Warning Be sure to read and follow the "General Safety Information and Caution" before doing any work related with the high voltage system. Failure to follow the safety instructions may result in serious electrical injuries.


 Interior care

Interior general precautions Prevent chemicals such as perfume, cosmetic oil, sun cream, hand cleaner, and air freshener from contacting the interior parts because they may cause damage or discoloration. If they do contact the interior parts, w

 Feature of seat leather

* The actual features in your vehicle may not necessarily be available due to the selected options or regions. * The picture above is based on LHD vehicle. For RHD vehicle, the operation of front seat are located on the opposite side. Front