KIA Niro: Front Bumper


 Front Bumper Cover, Front Bumper Beam Assembly

Front Bumper / Components And Components Location Front bumper cover Front bumper side bracket (LH) Front bumper side bracket (RH) Front Bumper Cover Components and components location Front bumper assembly Front Bum

 Radiator Grille

Radiator Grille Replacement Remove the front bumper assembly. (Refer to Front Bumper - "Front Bumper Assembly") Remove the front bumper wiring (A). Remove the front bumper energy absorber (A). After loo


 Gear Actuator Assembly, Repair procedures

Component Location Gear actuator assembly Shift motor 2 (Even) Shift motor 1 (Odd) Select solenoid 2 (Even) Select solenoid 1 (Odd) Specification Gear Actuator Assembly Description and operation Description

 Hybrid vehicle components

High voltage battery system HPCU (Hybrid Power Control Unit) *1 High voltage battery system *2 * 1: Located in the engine compartment * 2: Located under the 2nd row seats WARNING Never touch orange colored or high voltage labeled compo