KIA Niro: Front Bumper


 Front Bumper Cover, Front Bumper Beam Assembly

Front Bumper / Components And Components Location Front bumper cover Front bumper side bracket (LH) Front bumper side bracket (RH) Front Bumper Cover Components and components location Front bumper assembly Front Bum

 Radiator Grille

Radiator Grille Replacement Remove the front bumper assembly. (Refer to Front Bumper - "Front Bumper Assembly") Remove the front bumper wiring (A). Remove the front bumper energy absorber (A). After loo


 Securing a Child Restraint System with the "ISOFIX Anchorage" system

ISOFIX anchorages are metal bars built into the vehicle. There are two lower anchors for each ISOFIX seating position that will accommodate a Child Restraint System with lower attachments. ISOFIX anchor position indicator ISOFIX anchor

 Before Troubleshooting

Check applicable fuses in the appropriate fuse/relay box. Check the battery for damage, state of charge, cleanliness and tight connections. (Refer to Engine Electrical System - "Battery") Warning Do not quick-charge a batte