KIA Niro: Crankcase Emission Control System

Schematic Diagram

Repair procedures

Repair procedures


  1. After disconnecting the vapor hose from the PCV valve, remove the PCV valve.
  2. Reconnect the PCV valve to the vapor hose.
  3. Run the engine at idle, then put a finger over the open end of the PCV valve and make sure that intake manifold vacuum can be felt.


The plunger inside the PCV valve will move back and forth in vacuum.

  1. If the vacuum is not felt, inspect PCV operation. If operating correctly, clean or replace the vapor hose.

Operation Principle

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve Repair procedures


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Removal Disconnect the vapor hose (A). Remove the PCV valve (B). Inspection Insert a thin stick (A) into the PCV valve (B) from the threaded side to check the plunger movement. Warning If the plunger does not move (PCV

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