KIA Niro: Integrated Memory System (IMS)


 Integrated Memory System (IMS) / Description And Operation

Specifications Memory Power Seat Unit Memory Power Seat Switch Integrated Memory System (IMS) / Components And Components Location Memory power seat unit (PSM) IMS control switch Outside rear view mirror IMS mirror control (D

 Memory Power Seat Unit

Memory power seat unit Components and components location Connector Pin Information Memory power seat unit Repair procedures Removal Before removing the driver side seat assembly, pull it upward to the maximum by pushing the fro

 Memory Power Seat Switch

Connector and Terminal Function Memory power seat switch Repair procedures Removal Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. Remove the driver front door trim. (Refer to Body - "Front Door Trim") Remove the memory power


 Intelligent Speed Limit Assist operation

Warning and control Intelligent Speed Limit Assist is warned and controlled by the following level. Displaying speed limit Warning overspeed Changing set speed NOTICE Intelligent Speed Limit Assist warning and control are described bas

 Emergency towing

Front Rear Operation Remove the hole cover by pressing the lower part of the cover on the bumper. Install the towing hook by screwing it clockwise into the hole until it is fully secured. After use, remove the towing hook and