KIA Niro: Maintenance


 The Air Cleaner Element

Inspection Remove the air cleaner element. Check that the air filter is excessively dirty. If the air filter is excessively dirty, replace the air cleaner element. If the air cleaner element needs to be cleaned, blow compressed air as

 Battery Terminal

Move back and forth to check that the battery terminals (A) are loose or corroded.If the terminals are corroded, clean them. If battery positive connection is loose, disconnect ground(GND) cable first before attempting to remove

 Vehicle parasitic current inspection

Using the Ammeter Turn the all electric devices OFF, and then turn the ignition switch OFF. Close all doors except the tailgate, and then lock all doors. Disconnect the tailgate latch connector. Wait a few minutes until the vehicle's electr


 Personal Protective Equipment Inspection

Check that the personal protective equipment is not damaged. Check that the insulation gloves are not torn or damaged. Wear the insulation glove after removing moisture. Warning Fold the insulation glove as above Fold again 3~4 times

 Checking the inverter coolant level (PHEV)

If frequent additions are required, we recommend that the system be inspected by a professional workshop. Kia recommends to visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner. The inverter coolant level should be in between MAX and MIN when the