KIA Niro: Fuel Filler Door


 Fuel Filler Door Release Actuator Repair procedures | Fuel Filler Door Open Switch

 Fuel Filler Door / Components And Components Location Fuel filler door open switch Fuel filler door release actuator Fuel Filler Door Release Actuator Repair procedures Removal Disconnect the negative (-) battery termin

 Fuses And Relays

Engine room relay block Engine Room Engine room relay block Interior Relay Integrated Gateway & Power control Module (IGPM) ICM relay block


 Specifications & Consumer information (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

Dimensions Engine Gross vehicle weight Luggage volume Min: Behind rear seat to upper edge of the of the seatback Max: Behind front seat to roof Air conditioning system Please contact a professional workshop for more details.

 Rear door locks

Child-protector rear door lock (if equipped) Operation Insert the mechanical key. Turn the child safety lock to the lock position (1). To allow a rear door to be opened from inside the vehicle, unlock the child safety lock. To op