KIA Niro: Battery Voltage and Status


 Battery Terminal | Battery Condition

Check the battery voltage and status using the battery tester. Battery Terminal Move back and forth to check that the battery terminals (A) are loose or corroded.If the terminals are corroded, clean them. If battery positive connect

 Battery Tester- The Micro 570 Analyzer

The Micro 570 Analyzer The Micro 570 Analyzer provides the ability to test the charging and starting systems, including the battery, starter and alternator. Warning Because of the possibility of personal injury, always use extreme caution


 Adjusting regenerative braking with paddle shifter

The regenerative braking system allows you to charge the battery when you use the brakes to stop the vehicle. Adjusting regenerative braking with paddle shifter Operation Pull the left side ( ) of the paddle shifter to increase

 Air Cleaner Repair procedures

Removal and Installation Air Cleaner Assembly Disconnect the air duct B (A). Tightening torque : 2.9 - 4.9 N*m (0.3 - 0.5 kgf*m, 2.2 - 3.6 lb*ft) Disconnect the mass air flow sensor (MAFS) connector (A) and breather hose (B).