KIA Niro: Dual Clutch System


 Dual Clutch Assembly

Components Retaining ring Spline hub Snap ring Dual clutch assembly Dual Clutch Assembly Repair procedures Removal Remove the hybrid drive motor & dual clutch transmission assembly from the vehicle. (Refer to DCT Syst

 Clutch Engagement Fork and Engagement Bearin

Components Engagement bearing 2 (Even) Engagement bearing 1 (Odd) Engagement bearing sleeve Engagement fork 1 (Odd) Engagement fork 2 (Even) Clutch Engagement Fork and Engagement Bearing Repair procedures Removal Remove the du

 Hybrid Motor System

Specifications Hybrid Drive Motor Hybrid Starter Generator (HSG) Electric Water Pump (EWP) Coolant Tightening Torques Special Service Tools Tool Name / Number/ Illustration / Description Pressure cap pressure checke


 Towing service

Wheel dolly Proper lifting and towing procedures are necessary to prevent damage to the vehicle. The use of wheel dolly (1) or flatbed is recommended. On 2WD vehicles, it is acceptable to tow the vehicle with the rear wheels

 Head-Up Display (HUD)

The Head-Up Display is a transparent display that projects an image of certain information from the instrument cluster and navigation system on the windshield glass. The head up display image on the HUD screen may be invisible when: