KIA Niro: Floor Console


 Floor Console Assembly Repair procedures

Floor Console / Components And Components Location Console complete Console front cover (RH) Console front cover (LH) Console upper cover Shift lever boot assembly Floor Console Assembly Components and components location F

 Rear Console Cover / Console Armrest

Rear Console Cover Components and components location Rear console cover Rear Console Cover Repair procedures Replacement Remove the floor console assembly. (Refer to Floor Console - "Floor Console Assembly") Loosen the

 Front Bumper


 Charging precautions

AC Charger WARNING Fires caused by dust or water Do not connect the charging cable connector plug to the vehicle if there is water or dust on the charging inlet. Connecting while there is water or dust on the charging cable connector and plu

 Fuel Pressure Control Valve (FPCV)

Specification Fuel Pressure Control Valve (FPCV) Description Description Installed on the high pressure fuel pump, the Fuel Pressure Control Valve controls the flow of fuel into the injectors in accordance with the ECM signal calculated ba