KIA Niro: Cylinder Head Assembly


 Cylinder Head Cover Components and components location | Cylinder Head Cover Repair procedures

Components Camshaft bearing cap Camshaft front bearing cap Exhaust camshaft Intake camshaft Exhaust CVVT assembly Intake CVVT assembly Cylinder head Cylinder head gasket Retainer lock Retainer

 CVVT & Camshaft


 Corrosion protection

Protecting your vehicle from corrosion By using the most advanced design and construction practices to combat corrosion, we produce vehicles of the highest quality. However, this is only part of the job. To achieve the longterm corrosion resist

 Charging connector lock

Locking charging cable A: EV Settings Charging connector locking mode Always lock Lock while charging You may select when the charging connector can be locked and unlocked in the charging inlet. Select EV ? setting icon on the s