KIA Niro: Cylinder Head Assembly


 Cylinder Head Cover Components and components location | Cylinder Head Cover Repair procedures

Components Camshaft bearing cap Camshaft front bearing cap Exhaust camshaft Intake camshaft Exhaust CVVT assembly Intake CVVT assembly Cylinder head Cylinder head gasket Retainer lock Retainer

 CVVT & Camshaft


 Fuel Filter Repair procedures

Removal Remove the fuel pump. (Refer to Fuel Delivery System - "Fuel Pump") Disconnect the fuel pump motor connector (A) and fuel sender connector (B). Lift the fixing hook (A) by using a common driver, and then remov

 Suitability of each seating position for belted & ISOFIX Child Restraint Systems according to UN regulations for Latin America (Information for use by vehicle users and CRS manufacturers)

Yes: Suitable for fitment of the designated category of CRS No: Not suitable for fitment of the designated category of CRS "-": Not applicable The table is based on LHD vehicle. Except for the front passenger seat, the table is