KIA Niro: Windshield Wiper/Washer


 Windshield Wiper-Washer Switch Repair procedures

Windshield Wiper/Washer / Components And Components Location Front wiper arm & blade Wiper & washer switch Front washer hose & nozzle Front wiper motor & linkage assembly Washer motor Washer reservoir Wiper/Was

 Front Wiper Motor

Front wiper motor Rear wiper motor Front Wiper Motor Repair procedures Removal Front Wiper Motor Remove the cowl top cover. (Refer to Body - "Cowl Top Cover") Disconnect the wiper motor connector (A). Remove th

 Front Washer Motor Repair procedures

Inspection With the washer motor connected to the reservoir tank, fill the reservoir tank with water. Warning Before filling the reservoir tank with water, check the filter for foreign material or contamination. if necessary, clean the


 Smart Cruise Control malfunction

A: Check Smart Cruise Control System When Smart Cruise Control is not working properly, the warning message will appear, and the ( ) warning light will appear on the cluster. Have Smart Cruise Control be inspected by a professional worksh

 Engine Control Module (ECM) Repair procedures

ECM Terminal And Input/Output signal ECM Terminal Function Connector (A) Connector (K) ECM Terminal Input/Output Signal Connector (A) Connector (K) Engine Control Module (ECM)