KIA Niro: Charging door (Kia Niro EV)

Opening the charging door

Opening the charging door


  • Press the right center edge of the charging door.
  • The charging door is not open when the vehicle is locked.

Closing the charging door

Closing the charging door


  • Close the charging door by pressing rear center edge of the charging door.


Do not leave the vehicle with the charging door open. An open charging door may indicate that the vehicle door has been unlocked and may be subject to vehicle theft.


  • The charging door opens to the right.

    Check the surrounding while the charging door is open or close. Be aware of your head or limbs from being hit or stuck to the charging door.

  • Do not hold the hinge to prevent damaging the charging door and causing other accidents.


  • If the charging door does not open because ice has formed around it, tap lightly or push on the door to break the ice and release the door. If necessary, use hand temperature to melt down the ice or move the vehicle to a warm place and allow the ice to melt.

    Do not pry on the charging door or use unauthorized tools to open the charging door.

  • After closing the charging door, push the door again to ensure that the charging door is completely closed.
  • Make sure that the charging door is closed before driving the vehicle. If the charging door is opened, mechanical parts of the charging door can be damaged.
  • After closed the charging door, be sure to check the warning light is off.
  • After charging the vehicle, close the charging inlet by the charging inlet cover properly. If the charging inlet cover is closed improperly, the charging inlet and the charging door can be damaged.
  • Do not pry on the charging door while the charging door is opening. The charging door may stop moving. Also, the electrical mechanism of the charging door and its related parts can be severely damaged.
  • While washing the vehicle, do not spray a high pressure water to the charging door directly. The high pressure can damage the charging door.




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