KIA Niro: Sunshade

Sunroof (if equipped)

If your vehicle is equipped with a sunroof, you can slide or tilt your sunroof with the sunroof switch located on the overhead console.

Sunroof (if equipped)

The sunroof can only be operated when the ignition switch or ENGINE START/ STOP button is in the ON or START position.

The sunroof can be operated for approximately 3 minutes after the ignition switch or Engine Start/Stop button is in the ACC or LOCK/OFF position.

However, if the front door is open, the sunroof cannot be operated even within the 3 minutes period.


  • Adjust the sunroof or sunshade when your vehicle stops. This could result in loss of control and an accident that may cause injury, or property damage.
  • Do not leave the engine running and the key in your vehicle with unsupervised children. Unattended children could operate the sunroof, which could result in serious injury.
  • Do not sit on the top of the vehicle. It may cause injury or vehicle damage.


Do not operate the sunroof when roof bars are installed on the vehicle or when there is luggage on the roof.



Use the sunshade to block direct sunlight coming through the sunroof glass.

Open or close the sunshade by hand.


The sunshade opens automatically when the sunroof glass is opened, but the sunshade does not close automatically when the sunroof glass is closed. Also, only the sunshade cannot be closed when the sunroof glass is opened.


Do not pull the sunshade up or down, or apply excessive force as such action may damage the sunshade or cause it to malfunction.


     Tilt open/close

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     Automatic reversal

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     Resetting the sunroof

    In some circumstances resetting the sunroof operation may need to be performed. Some instances where resetting the sunroof may be required include: When the 12-volt battery is either disconnected or discharged When the sunroof fuse i


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