KIA Niro: Controlling power windows switch

Left-hand drive
Left-hand drive

Right-hand drive
Right-hand drive

  1. Driver's door power window switch
  2. Front passenger's door power window switch
  3. Rear door (left) window switch
  4. Rear door (right) window switch
  5. Power window lock switch

Controlling power windows switch

Controlling power windows switch

  • Type A: 1
  • Type B: 1, 2 (if equipped)


  • Press or pull the switch to the first/ second detent position (1, 2).


Only type B can use auto up/down function.

Operating condition(s)

  • The vehicle is in the ON position.


Do not install any accessories in the area of windows. It may impact jam protection.


  • While driving with the rear windows down or with the sunroof (if equipped) in an open (or partially open position), your vehicle may demonstrate a wind buffeting or pulsation noise. This noise is a normal occurrence and can be reduced or eliminated by taking the following actions. If the noise occurs with one or both of the rear windows down, partially lower both front windows approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch). If you experience the noise with the sunroof open, slightly reduce the size of the sunroof opening.
  • In cold and wet climates, power windows may not work properly due to freezing conditions.

Resetting power windows


  1. Close the window.
  2. Pull the power window switch.
  • Approximately 1 second

Operating condition(s)

  • The vehicle is in the ON position.


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