KIA Niro: Power windows lock button

Power windows lock button

Kia NIRO Hybrid


  1. Push the power windows lock button.
  • Rear passenger window is inoperable.
  1. The front driver and passenger window can be operated.


  • NEVER leave the keys in your vehicle with unsupervised children, when the engine is running.
  • NEVER leave any child unattended in the vehicle. Even very young children may inadvertently cause the vehicle to move, entangle themselves in the windows, or otherwise injure themselves or others.
  • Always double check to make sure all arms, hands, head and other obstructions are safely out of the way before closing a window.
  • Do not allow children play with the power windows. Keep the driver's door power window lock button in the LOCK position (pressed). SERIOUS INJURY can result from unintentional window operation by the child.
  • Do not extend heads or any limbs outside the window while the vehicle is in motion.


  • To prevent possible damage to the power window system, do not open or close two windows or more at the same time. This will also ensure the longevity of the fuse.
  • Never try to operate the main switch on the driver's door and the individual door window switch in opposite directions at the same time. If this is done, the window will stop and cannot be opened or closed.

Kia Niro EV


  • Push the power windows lock button.
  • Rear passenger window is inoperable.
  • The front driver and passenger window can be operated.
  • The rear passengers' control cannot operate the rear passenger's power window.


     Remote window closing/opening (for front seats)

    Lock button Unlock button If Auto window up/down function (safety window function) is equipped, you can still control the corresponding windows movement with engine turned off. Operation Press and hold the door lock button (1) o


     Opening the hood

    (Kia Niro Hybrid only) Hood release lever Hood secondary latch Hood Operation Pull the hood release lever (1).  Push the secondary latch (2) to the left. Lift the hood (3) upwards. Go to the front of the vehicle, raise


     Power Door Mirror Switch Repair procedures

    Inspection Non-IMS Type Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. Remove the front left door trim. (Refer to Body - "Front Door Trim") Disconnect the power mirror switch connector from the door trim. Check for conti


    The seats are equipped with a headrest for the occupant's safety and comfort. Adjusting the headrest Front Rear Operation Pull up the headrest to raise. Push and hold the release button (1) to lower the headrest. Adjusting t