KIA Niro: Windows


 Controlling power windows switch

Left-hand drive Right-hand drive Driver's door power window switch Front passenger's door power window switch Rear door (left) window switch Rear door (right) window switch Power window lock switch Controlling power wi

 Power windows automatic reversal

Kia NIRO Hybrid Operation Windows will stop and move down. Approximately 30 cm (12 inches) Windows will move down. Approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) Operating condition(s) WARNING Always check for obstructions before rais

 Power windows lock button

Kia NIRO Hybrid Operation Push the power windows lock button. Rear passenger window is inoperable. The front driver and passenger window can be operated. WARNING NEVER leave the keys in your vehicle with unsupervised c


 Lane Following Assist settings

Lane Following Assist is designed to help detect lane markings and/or vehicles on the road, and assists the driver's steering to help center the vehicle in the lane. Detecting sensor Front view camera The front view camera is used as a

 Air bag warning labels

Left-hand drive Right-hand drive Air bag warning label (Type A) Air bag warning label (Type B) Air bag warning labels are attached to alert the passengers of potential risk of air bag system. Note that these government warnin