KIA Niro: Heated steering wheel

Heated steering wheel


  1. Press the button to turn the heated steering wheel ON or OFF.
  2.  The heated steering wheel reverts to the OFF position whenever the vehicle is restarted.

Operating condition(s) (Kia Niro EV)

  • The vehicle should be in the ON position.

INFORMATION- (Kia Niro Hybrid only)

The heated steering wheel automatically controls the steering wheel temperature depending on the ambient temperature when the vehicle is running.


If the steering wheel becomes too warm, turn the system off. The heated steering wheel may cause burns even at low temperatures, especially if used for long periods of time.


  • Do not install any type of grip cover for the steering wheel, it may impair the function of the heated steering wheel system.
  • When cleaning the heated steering wheel, do not use an organic solvent such as paint thinner, benzene, alcohol and gasoline. Doing so may damage the surface of the steering wheel.
  • If the surface of the steering wheel is damaged by a sharp object, damage to the heated steering wheel components could occur.


The heated steering wheel will turn off automatically approximately 30 minutes after the heated steering wheel is turned on.



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