KIA Niro: Tailgate

Opening/closing the manual tailgate

Opening/closing the manual tailgate


  1. Press the outside handle switch (1) to open the tailgate.
  2. Pull up the tailgate.
  3. Push down the tailgate to close it.

    Make sure that the tailgate is securely latched.

Operating condition(s)

  • The tailgate is locked or unlocked using the key or central door lock switch.


 Power tailgate

Operating the power tailgate Operation Press the power tailgate open/close button inside the vehicle or with the smart key for 1 second. The power tailgate opens with a warning sound. Press and hold the power tailgate open/clos

 Setting the power tailgate

Power tailgate opening speed You can adjust the power tailgate opening speed. Select the desired opening speed (Fast / Slow) (Default setting is Fast). Operation Instrument cluster (if equipped) Select Settings ? Door ? Power Tailgate Op

 Emergency tailgate safety release

Operation Insert a long, flat object, such as a key into the opening at the bottom of the tailgate. Slide the latch in the direction of the arrow to unlock the tailgate. Push the tailgate to open. WARNING For emergencies, be


 Vehicle parasitic current inspection

Using the Ammeter Turn the all electric devices OFF, and then turn the ignition switch OFF. Close all doors except the tailgate, and then lock all doors. Disconnect the tailgate latch connector. Wait a few minutes until the vehicle's electr

 Hybrid system gauge

Power gauge Type A Type B The hybrid system gauge indicates whether the current driving condition is fuel efficient or not. CHARGE: Shows that the energy made by the vehicle is being converted to electrical energy. (Regenerated ene