KIA Niro: Audio system


 Antenna/  USB port

Antenna Shark-fin Antenna The shark-fin antenna transmits and receives wireless signals such as AM/FM, DAB, GNSS, LTE etc. * The signals which antenna can transmit and receive vary by the vehicle option. CAUTION Be careful of

 How vehicle radio works

FM reception AM and FM radio signals are broadcast from transmitter towers located around your city. They are intercepted by the radio antenna on your vehicle. This signal is then processed by the radio and sent to your vehicle speakers.

 Driving your vehicle


 Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist malfunction and limitations

(Kia Niro Hybrid only) A: Check forward safety systems When Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist is not working properly, the warning message will appear, and the ( ) and ( ) warning lights will appear on the cluster. Kia recommends visitin

 Replacing the key battery

Operation Pry open the key cover gently. Replace the old battery with a new battery. WARNING THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS A BUTTON BATTERY If swallowed, a lithium button battery can cause severe or fatal injuries within 2 hours. Keep