KIA Niro: Checking the inverter coolant level (PHEV)

If frequent additions are required, we recommend that the system be inspected by a professional workshop.

Kia recommends to visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.

The inverter coolant level should be in between MAX and MIN when the engine is cooled down. When the coolant level (in the reservoir) is low, we recommend that you contact your authorized Kia dealer/service partner. Use only designated coolant water for electric vehicles.


Adding other cooling substances or water might lead to inverter cooling system degradation or even failure.

Changing the coolant

We recommend that the coolant be replaced by an authorized Kia dealer according to the Maintenance Schedule at the beginning of this chapter.


Cooling fan

Use caution when working near the blade of the cooling fan. The electric motor (cooling fan) is controlled by coolant temperature, refrigerant pressure and vehicle speed. It may sometimes operate even when the vehicle is not running.

Changing coolant

Have the coolant replaced by a professional workshop. Kia recommends to visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.


Put a thick cloth around the coolant reservoir cap before refilling the coolant in order to prevent the coolant from overflowing into engine parts such as the alternator.

Hybrid starter & generator (HSG) belt

Checking the Hybrid Starter & Generator (HSG) belt

We recommend that you have the Hybrid Starter & Generator (HSG) belt inspected or replaced according to the Maintenance Schedule in this chapter by an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.


When the HSG belt is worn out or damaged, replace the belt. Otherwise, it may cause engine overheating or battery discharge.


  • Turn the vehicle off while you inspect the engine or Hybrid Starter & Generator (HSG) belt. Otherwise it may result in serious injury.
  • Keep hands, clothing etc. away from the Hybrid Starter & Generator (HSG) belt


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    If the sunroof glass senses any obstacle while it is closing automatically, it will reverse direction then stop at a certain position. The auto reverse function may not work if an object thin or soft is caught between the sliding sunroof