KIA Niro: Coat hook

A coat hook is next to the left rear grab handle.


Do not hang other objects such as hangers or hard objects except clothes. Also, do not put heavy, sharp or breakable objects in the clothing's pockets. In an accident or when the curtain air bag is inflated, it may cause vehicle damage or body injury.


Do not hang heavy clothes, since they may damage the hook.

Floor mat anchors

Floor mat anchors

Make sure the floor mat is attached to the anchors to keep it from sliding forward.


After market floor mat

  • Do not install after market floor mats that are not capable of being securely attached to the vehicle's floor mat anchors. Unsecured floor mats can interfere with pedal operation.

Use floor mats not too thick and designed to be properly secured on the floor to avoid the interference with pedals. Make sure that installing the floor mats without removing plastic films on carpets may damage or break floor mat fix rings, resulting in the mats to be unsecured. Especially for a driver's seat, the unsecured mats may cause unintended acceleration/ brake. Ensure to remove all the plastic films on the carpets before installing the mats.


     Exterior features

    Roof rack You can load cargo on top of your vehicle. WARNING The following specification is the maximum weight that can be loaded onto the roof rack. Distribute the load as evenly as possible across the crossbars (if equipped) and roof rack

     Infotainment system

    Using the infotainment/climate switchable controller Press the button on the switchable controller to switch between infotainment system or climate control panel. Press and hold the button to select the default mode for the control panel.

     Audio system


     Front Oil Seal Repair procedures | Timing Chain Cover Repair procedures

    Components Front oil seal Timing chain cover Variable force solenoid (VFS) valve O-ring Timing chain tensioner Timing chain tensioner arm Timing chain guide Timing chain Timing chain cam guide Front

     Refilling And Bleeding

    Warning Never remove the cap when the engine is hot. Serious scalding could be caused by hot fluid under high pressure escaping from the reservoir. Warning When pouring inverter coolant, be sure to shut the relay box lid to prevent spilling c