KIA Niro: Interior features


 Cup holders

Ambient lights The ambient lights are applied to the front crash pad. Cup holders (if equipped) Press the button to use the cup holder. Cups or small beverage cans can be placed in the cup holders. Slide the cup holder to use it as a

 Seat warmer/ventilation

The seat warmer/ventilation is provided to warm/cool the front and the rear seats. * The seat ventilation is provided only on the front seats. Operation Push the button to control the function. It defaults to the OFF position the veh

 Sun visor

Operation Pull down and unsnap it from the bracket (1). Swing it to the side (2). Pull down and slide the mirror cover (3) to use the vanity mirror. The ticket holder (4) is provided for the purpose of holding a tollgate ticke


 Cooling Fan Description and operation | Cooling Fan Repair procedures

Component Location Cooling Fan #1 Cooling Fan #2 Main High Voltage Battery Cooling Duct (Inlet) Main High Voltage Battery Cooling Duct (Outlet) Sub High Voltage Battery Cooling Duct (Inlet) Sub High Voltage Battery

 Smart Cruise Control malfunction

A: Check Smart Cruise Control System When Smart Cruise Control is not working properly, the warning message will appear, and the ( ) warning light will appear on the cluster. Have Smart Cruise Control be inspected by a professional worksh