KIA Niro: AC inverter

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Type A

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The AC inverter supplies 220V/200W or 115V/150W electric power to operate electric accessories or equipment. If you wish to use the AC inverter, open up the AC inverter cover and connect a plug to it. The AC inverter supplies eletric power when engine is running.


  • Rated voltage: AC 220V or 115V
  • Maximum electric power: 200W or 150W
  • In order to avoid an electrical system failure, electric shock, etc., be sure to read owner's manual before use.
  • Be sure to close the cover except for when in use.
  • To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not use the AC inverter while the engine is not running.
  • After using an electric accessory or equipment, pull the plug out. Leaving the accessory or equipment plugged in for a long time may cause battery discharge.
  • Do not use an electric accessory or equipment the power consumption of which is greater than 200W (220V) or 150W (115V).
  • When the AC inverter input voltage is less than 11.3V, automatically turn off the power. AC inverter will operate as normal when the voltage is increased.
  • When the AC inverter input voltage is less than 10.7V, power will turn off.

    The AC inverter will operate as normal when the voltage is increased.

  • While the power consumption of some electrical devices/appliances may be within the AC inverter's electric power range, it may malfunction in below cases.
  • If the device/appliance requires high electric power for initial start up
  •  If the device/appliance processes precise/very accurate data
  •  If the device/appliance requires very stable supply of electricity


Electric accessory devices

  • Do not use broken electric accessories which may damage the AC inverter and electrical systems of the vehicle.
  • Do not use two or more electric accessories at the same time. It may cause damage to the electrical systems of the vehicle.


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