KIA Niro: Rear door locks

Child-protector rear door lock (if equipped)

Child-protector rear door lock (if equipped)


  1. Insert the mechanical key.
  2. Turn the child safety lock to the lock position (1).
  3. To allow a rear door to be opened from inside the vehicle, unlock the child safety lock.
  4. To open the rear door, pull the outside door handle (2).

Electronic child safety lock system (if equipped)

Electronic child safety lock system (if equipped)


  • Push the electronic child safety lock button.


  • If you push the electronic child safety lock switch and the indicator appears, rear passengers cannot open the rear door from inside the vehicle
  • Safe Exit Assist (SEA) does not automatically activate the electronic child safety lock system. If your vehicle is equipped with the Electronic child safety lock, the child-protector rear door locks, which are manually operated, are not provided.
  • If 3 minutes passes after the EV button is pressed to the OFF or ACC position, the indicator on the button turns off, and the driver cannot turn off electronic child safety lock by pressing the button. To turn off the function, press the EV button to the ON position, and then press the electronic child safety lock button.


If the Electronic child safety lock is not operated when pushing the Electronic child safety lock switch, the message is displayed and the alarm will sound.

A: Child safety lock error

If this occurs, have the system checked by a professional workshop.

Kia recommends to visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.


  • If children accidentally open the rear doors while the vehicle is in motion, they could fall out and be severely injured or killed. To prevent children from opening the rear doors from the inside, the rear door safety locks should be used whenever children are in the vehicle.
  • The system does not detect every obstacle approaching the vehicle exit.
  • The driver and passenger are responsible for the accident occurred while exiting the vehicle. Always check the surrounding before you exit the vehicle.


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