KIA Niro: Setting memory position

Setting memory position


  1. Adjust the following position:
  • Driver's seat position
  • Outside mirror position (if equipped)
  • Head-up display (HUD) (if equipped)
  1. After then, press '1' or '2' button.
  • Press and hold about 1 second.
  • The system will beep twice and notify you.
  • 'Driver 1 (or 2) settings saved' will appear on the infotainment screen.


The vehicle should be in the ON position to use this function.

Recalling memory position


  1. Press the '1' or '2' button.
  • The system will beep once.
  1. After then, stored positions will be adjusted.
  2. 'Driver 1 (or 2) settings applied' will appear on the infotainment screen.

Non-operating condition(s)

  • When driving speed exceeds 3 km/h (2 mph).


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