KIA Niro: Driver position memory system


 Setting memory position

Operation Adjust the following position: Driver's seat position Outside mirror position (if equipped) Head-up display (HUD) (if equipped) After then, press '1' or '2' button. Press and hold about

 Resetting the driver position memory system

Operation Shift to P (Park) while the EV button is in the ON position. Move the driver seat as forward as possible.  Move the seatback to a fully upright position. Press the '1' button and seat forward movement switch s


Opening/closing the manual tailgate Operation Press the outside handle switch (1) to open the tailgate. Pull up the tailgate. Push down the tailgate to close it. Make sure that the tailgate is securely latched. Operating conditi


 Nearby stations

A: Electric Vehicle Select EV and see the map from the infotainment system screen. Stations around the current location are searched. A: Electric Vehicle Select the icon on the screen. Around the course, around the current site, aro

 Room lamp (Kia NIRO Hybrid

Type A Type B Operation Press the switch to turn the room lamp on and off. Luggage room lamp (Kia NIRO Hybrid Operation Open the tailgate. The lamp will turn on. Vanity mirror lamp (if equipped) Operation The