KIA Niro: Keyless Entry And Burglar Alarm / Description And Operation

Keyless Entry And Burglar Alarm / Components And Components Location


  1. Hood switch Horn (High-pitch)
  2. Horn (Low-pitch)
  3. Body control module (BCM)
  4. Door lock/unlock buzzer
  5. Front door actuator & switch
  6. Rear door actuator & switch
  7. Tailgate actuator & switch

Keyless Entry And Burglar Alarm / Description And Operation


Burglar Alarm State (B/A State)



  1. This is the state when "ARM" mode is off.

  2. If all doors or hood or tailgate are opened, there is no alarm sound.

  3. Security indicator keeps blinking in IGN OFF while it lights out in ACC ON.


  1. If the IBU receives locking signals from remote control or Passive lock (specification of Smart Key) or driver's seat door key lock with the conditions for "ARM WAIT" satisfied, the IBU waits for 30 seconds after outputting "All Door Lock" signal before entering "ARM WAIT" mode.

  2. For 30 seconds of "ARM WAIT" mode, there is no alarm sound and "ARM" mode turns off even if a burglary occurs.

  3. Under any conditions, it is impossible to directly enter "ARM" mode without passing through "ARM WAIT" mode.

  4. Security indicator remains on for 30 seconds of "ARM WAIT" mode.

* Remark: For a vehicle equipped with Smart Key system, the same process is applied to Passive door lock function.


* Remark: For a vehicle equipped with Smart Key system, the same process is

* Remark: For a vehicle equipped with Smart Key system, the same process is applied to Passive door lock function.



  1. This is a similar function to RELOCK (automatic locking system after 30 seconds).
  2. If UNLOCK button in remote control is pressed with "ARM WAIT" conditions satisfied, or in "ARM" mode, all doors are unlocked and then timer set for 30 seconds starts running.
  3. After the 30 seconds the IBU automatically outputs all door lock signal and enters "ARM WAIT" mode.
  4. After AUTO LOCK TIMER 1 (30 seconds) runs out, the IBU automatically enters "ARM" mode via "ARM WAIT" mode (30 seconds).
  5. In case that the driver presses UNLOCK button by mistake, this safety function lets the vehicle enter "ARM" mode after 60 seconds.
  6. Security indicator keeps blinking throughout AUTO LOCK TIMER1 process.



  1. This shares the same purpose with AUTO LOCK TIMER 1 but operation conditions are different.
  2. This function operates if UNLOCK button in the remote control is pressed when all doors are closed except hood or tailgate. After 30 seconds, the vehicle automatically enters door lock mode.
  3. But after the 30 seconds, it is impossible to move to "ARM WAIT" mode because hood or tailgate is open ("PRE ARM" mode is maintained).
  4. As soon as hood or tailgate is closed, the vehicle automatically moves to "ARM" mode via "ARM WAIT".
  5. During AUTO LOCK TIMER 2, security indicator keeps blinking.



1-1. This is the state right before entering "ARM" mode after AUTO LOCK Timer 2 is completed and all doors are closed.

1-2. If the driver closes hood or tailgate, hazard lamp blinks one time and then the vehicle automatically enters "ARM" mode via "ARM WAIT" mode.

2-1. If LOCK button is pressed while at least one of all doors, hood and tailgate is open, "PRE ARM" mode turns on.

2-2. Because all doors locking signal is issued but the conditions for "ARM WAIT" are not satisfied, the vehicle remains in standby mode and enters ARM mode via ARM WAIT mode as soon as the door being open is closed.

2-3. In case intrusion is detected in PRE ARM mode, the vehicle turns into DISARM mode.

2-4. Security indicator keeps blinking in PRE ARM mode.



  1. In "REARM" state, if the vehicle intrusion is detected, flashing and alarm sound are activated again and the state changes to ALARM mode.
  2. Burglar Alarm state moves to RE ARM mode after the timer of 27 seconds is completed.
  3. Security Indicator keeps blinking.



  1. B/A state changes to "AUTOLockTIMER3", when TX-Tailgate command operated.
  2. B/A state changes "AUTOLOCKTIMER3" to "ARMWAIT", when the "30sec." timer expires with all doors lock and closed.
  3. B/A state changes "AUTOLOCKTIMER3" to "DISARM", when any door open.
  4. In "AUTOLOCKTIMER3" state, timer "30sec." timer is running. If this timer expired, state transits to "PREARM" state with Tailgate Open.
  5. In this state, Security indicator keeps blinking


ARM HOLD (Alarm hold : Tailgate) *Non-PTL option

  1. "ARM HOLD" mode is similar to the existing tailgate alarm hold mode.
  2. If tailgate is opened by a remote control (including smart key) in ARM mode, the vehicle enters ARM HOLD mode which holds off the burglar alarm only for the open tailgate.
  3. As long as tailgate is closed, ARM HOLD mode keeps on without break.
  4. When the opened tailgate is shut down, timer set for 30 seconds starts running. For the 30 seconds of ARM HOLD mode, burglar alarm does not go off if tailgate is opened.
  5. When 30 seconds pass after tailgate is closed, the vehicle immediately enters ARM mode.
  6. During ARM HOLD more, ARM mode is maintained for doors and hood so if intrusion through any door or hood is detected, burglar alarm normally goes off.
  7. Security indicator keeps blinking during ARM HOLD mode.

Note 1: ARM HOLD is a mode that defers activation of ARM mode only for tailgate. During ARM HOLD mode, ARM mode is applied to doors and hood.

Note 2: When using the ignition key to open the tailgate, the ARM HOLD function works in the same way, provided that the "Door Key Burglar Alarm" function should be enabled. if this is disabled, the key-based ARM HOLD is off and using the key to opening the tailgate is determined as a theft and the alarm is issued.


RE ARM (ARM mode is on again)

  1. If the door, hood and tailgate are all closed after the termination of ALARM mode, it means that the ARM mode is on again.
  2. At this time the actuator state (door lock/unlock) is neglected and ARM mode is kept until the remote control signal is received (normal ARM mode).
  3. The security indicator keeps flickering during this mode.


  1. When the battery is removed in ALARM or RE ARM mode, RESET mode is on.
  2. When the battery is installed after RESET, the theft alarm operation resumes.(instead of remained output, the cycle of 27 seconds ON/10 seconds OFF repeats three times)

KEY ON 30 second

KEY ON 30 second deactivation (Non-Smart Key option)

  1. For a vehicle without smart key option, if it waits for 30 seconds with the ignition key on during ALARM mode, the vehicle enters DISARM mode.
  2. Even before 3O seconds pass, if the engine starts (Alternator "L" terminal voltage is HI: sent from the cluster module to CAN data), the theft alarm is instantly deactivated.

    (No ignition inhibition: The immobilizer system is applied as a basic function so the ignition system is normally operated by the registered immobilizer key during alarming) * For a smart key-based vehicle, the alarm is deactivated instantly after the smart key authentication.

When ARM mode is on, the tailgate OPEN and central door unlock are not allowed

  1. From the moment that a vehicle enters ARM WAIT mode by activating all door lock using the remote control or smart key, the central door unlock switch of the indoor tailgate unlock switch or DDM & ADM (power window switch of driver and passenger seat) is disabled. (theft prevention) * The function is equally applied to ARM WAIT/ARM/ALARM/RE ARM modes.


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