KIA Niro: High Beam Assist Malfunction and limitations

High Beam Assist Malfunction

High Beam Assist Malfunction

A: Check HBA (High Beam Assist) system

When High Beam Assist is not working properly, the warning message will appear and warning light ( ) will appear on the cluster. We recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.

Limitations of High Beam Assist

  • Light from a vehicle is not detected because of lamp damage, or because it is hidden from sight, etc.
  • Headlamp of a vehicle is covered with dust, snow or water.
  • A vehicle's headlamps are off but the fog lamps are on and etc.
  • There is a lamp that has a similar shape as a vehicle's lamp.
  • Headlamps have been damaged or not repaired properly.
  • Headlamps are not aimed properly.
  • Driving on a narrow curved road, rough road, uphill or downhill.
  • Vehicle in front is partially visible on a crossroad or curved road.
  • There is a traffic light, reflecting sign, flashing sign or mirror ahead.
  • There is a temporary reflector or flash ahead (construction area).
  • The road conditions are bad such as being wet, iced or covered with snow.
  • A vehicle suddenly appears from a curve.
  • The vehicle is tilted from a flat tire or is being towed.
  • Light from a vehicle is not detected because of exhaust fume, smoke, fog, snow, etc.

NOTICE-  (Kia Niro Hybrid only)

  • Depending on the instrument cluster specifications or theme, images or colors may be displayed differently.
  • For more details on the limitations of the front view camera, refer to "Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) (Front Camera Only) (if equipped)"

NOTICE- (Kia Niro EV only)

For more details on the limitations of the front view camera, refer to "Forward Collision- Avoidance Assist (FCA) (Sensor Fusion) (if equipped)"


  • At times, High Beam Assist may not work properly. The function is for your convenience only. It is the responsibility of the driver for safe driving practices and always check the road conditions for your safety.
  • When High Beam Assist does not operate normally, change the headlamp position manually between high beam and low beam.

Headlamp leveling adjustment switch

Headlamp leveling adjustment switch


  • The higher the number of the switch position, the lower the headlamp beam level.
  • Always keep the headlamp beam at the proper leveling position, or headlamps may dazzle other road users.


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