KIA Niro: Windshield defrosting and defogging


 Defrosting/defogging windshield

Defrosting/defogging windshield (Kia NIRO Hybrid) Defrosting/defogging windshield (Kia Niro EV) Operation Set the fan speed to the desired position. Select desired temperature. Select ( ) or ( ). The outside (fresh) air and ai

 Auto defogging for automatic climate control

Auto defogging for automatic climate control Operation For Europe Air conditioning will turn ON at recirculation mode. Mode will change to defrost to direct airflow to the windshield. Fan speed will increase. Except Europe Ai

 Rear window/outside mirror defroster

Operation Press the rear window defroster button. The indicator appears when the defroster is ON. It turns OFF after approximately 20 minutes or when the vehicle is in OFF position. CAUTION Conductors To prevent damage to the c


 Selecting a Child Restraint System (CRS)

Operation Select a Child Restraint System based on your child's height and weight. The required label or the instructions for used typically provide this information.  Select a Child Restraint System that fits the vehicle seati

 On-vehicle Inspection

Warning Check that the auxiliary 12V battery cables are connected to the correct terminals. Disconnect the auxiliary 12V battery cables when the battery is given a quick charge. Never disconnect the auxiliary 12V battery while the engin