KIA Niro: Rear window/outside mirror defroster

Rear window/outside mirror defroster


  1. Press the rear window defroster button.

    The indicator appears when the defroster is ON.

  2. It turns OFF after approximately 20 minutes or when the vehicle is in OFF position.



To prevent damage to the conductors bonded to the inside surface of the rear window, never use sharp instruments or window cleaners containing abrasives to clean the window.

Resetting defogging logic (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

Resetting defogging logic ( Kia NIRO Hybrid)


  1. Turn the vehicle to the ON position.
  2. Select ( ).
  3. Within 10 seconds, press air intake button 5 times while pressing the air conditioner button (A/C).

    The indicator light will blink 3 times.

    Defog logic status is reset if the battery has been discharged or disconnected.


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