KIA Niro: Storage compartment


 Center console storage/glove box

Operation Pull the lever upward to open the center console storage. Push the button of the glove box, and it will open. WARNING To reduce the risk of personal injury in the event of sudden stop or collision, do not place unco

 Cargo security screen

Installing cargo security screen Cargo security screen band Cargo security screen cable Operation Take out the cargo security screen from the pouch. And slowly unfold the cargo security screen. Attach the cargo security screen

 Interior features


 Charging and climate

A: Electric Vehicle Scheduled charging and target temperature Select EV ? Scheduled charging and target temperature on the screen. NOTICE Vehicle must be connected with the charging connector at the time prescheduled time for the sc

 Ignition switch (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

LOCK ACC ON START Operation LOCK The ignition key can be removed. ACC (Accessory) The electrical accessories can be operated. ON The warning lights can be checked. START Turn the ignitio