KIA Niro: Cargo security screen

Installing cargo security screen

Installing cargo security screen

  1. Cargo security screen band
  2. Cargo security screen cable


  1. Take out the cargo security screen from the pouch. And slowly unfold the cargo security screen.
  2. Attach the cargo security screen band (1) to the shopping bag hook.

Installing cargo security screen

  1. After holding the cargo screen cable (2), insert it into the upper hook located under the rear glass and use it to fix it.

Installing cargo security screen

  1. Removal of the cargo screen is the reverse of assembly.

Storing cargo security screen


  1. Hold the cargo screen corners of the side with the ling strings. And fold it in half.

Storing cargo security screen

  1. Turn your wrists to fold it and put it in the pouch.

Storing cargo security screen


  • Do not place objects on the cargo security screen. Such objects may move around inside the vehicle and possibly injure vehicle occupants during an accident or when braking.
  • Never allow anyone to ride in the luggage compartment. It is designed for luggage only.
  • Maintain the balance of the vehicle and locate the weight as forward as possible.

CAUTION- (Kia Niro Hybrid only)

Do not unfold the cargo security screen near other people. The cargo security screen could spring causing injuries.


  • Since the cargo security screen may be damaged or malformed, do not put luggage on it when it is used.
  • Pull out the cargo security screen using the handle in the center to prevent the guide pin from falling out of the guide.
  • The cargo security screen may not automatically slide back in if the cargo security screen is not fully pulled out.

    Fully pull it out and then let go.


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