KIA Niro: Center console storage/glove box

Center console storage/glove box


  • Pull the lever upward to open the center console storage.
  • Push the button of the glove box, and it will open.


  • To reduce the risk of personal injury in the event of sudden stop or collision, do not place uncovered or unsecured bottles, glasses, cans, etc., in the storage compartment while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Flammable materials

Do not store glasses, gas lighter, portable battery, canned beverage, spray can, propane cylinder, cosmetic tube or other flammable/explosive materials in the vehicle. These items may catch fire and/or explode if the vehicle is exposed to hot temperatures for extended periods.

  • Glove box

To reduce the risk of injury in an accident or sudden stop, always keep the glove box door closed while driving.


  • To avoid possible theft, do not leave valuables in the storage compartment.
  • Always keep the storage compartment covers closed while driving. Do not attempt to place so many items in the storage compartment that the storage compartment cover cannot close securely.
  • Do not keep food in the glove box for a long time.

NOTICE- (Kia Niro EV only)

If the armrest does not open in the event of a collision, slide the armrest from the driver's side to the passenger's side seat.

Luggage board (if equipped)

  • If temporary tire or full size tire equipped in luggage, you can place reflector triangle in luggage.
  • If TMK equipped in luggage, first aid kit, tools, etc can be placed in the box for easy access.

Luggage board (if equipped)

  1. Grasp the handle on the top of the cover and lift it.
  2. Fold the rear part of luggage board frontward.
  3. Lift the luggage board up.

Luggage net holder

Luggage net holder

There are 4 holders located in the cargo area. The luggage net (sold separately) can be attached in 2 ways.


Avoid eye injury. DO NOT overstretch the luggage net, ALWAYS keep your face and body out of the luggage net's recoil path. DO NOT use when the strap has visible signs of wear or damage.


To prevent damage to the goods or the vehicle, care should be taken when carrying fragile or bulky objects in the luggage compartment.


     Cargo security screen

    Installing cargo security screen Cargo security screen band Cargo security screen cable Operation Take out the cargo security screen from the pouch. And slowly unfold the cargo security screen. Attach the cargo security screen

     Interior features

     Cup holders

    Ambient lights The ambient lights are applied to the front crash pad. Cup holders (if equipped) Press the button to use the cup holder. Cups or small beverage cans can be placed in the cup holders. Slide the cup holder to use it as a


     ESP OFF Switch

    ESP OFF Switch Components and components location ESP OFF swtich Description The ESP OFF switch is for the user to turn off the ESP system. The ESP OFF lamp is on when ESP OFF switch is engaged. Removal Turn ignition switch OF

     Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)

    Lane Keeping Assist is designed to help detect lane markings (or road edges) while driving over a certain speed. Lane Keeping Assist will warn the driver if the vehicle leaves the lane without using the turn signal, or will automatically ass