KIA Niro: Actions to be taken for electric vehicle charging issues

When you cannot charge the high voltage battery after connecting the charger, check the following:

  1. Check the charging settings for the vehicle.(e.g. when scheduled charging is set, charging is not initiated immediately when the AC charger or portable charger is connected.)
  2. Check the operation status of the AC charger, portable charger.

    (Status of portable charger)

* Actual method for indicating the charging status may vary in accordance accordance with the charger manufacturer.

  1. When the vehicle does not charge and a warning message appears on the instrument cluster, check the corresponding message.
  2. If the vehicle is properly charged when charged with another normally working charger, contact the charger manufacturer.
  3. If the vehicle does not charge when charged with another normally working charger, we recommend that you contact an authorized Kia dealer/service partner for inspection.

How to disconnect charging connector in emergency

How to disconnect charging connector in emergency

If the charging connector does not unlock for some reason, open the hood and slightly pull the emergency cable as shown above. The charging door will then open.

If a charging door is not opened immediately with emergency cable in operation, press a charging door lightly and pull emergency cable again. The charging cable lock may not work properly when foreign materials such as dust enter the cable or the cable is encrusted with ice.

In that case, the charging cable may not be disconnected or locked, or the vehicle may not be charged. If this happens, open the hood and pull the emergency cable lightly 2 to 3 times and then try to disconnect the charging cable or start recharging.


     Driving the hybrid/plug-in hybrid vehicle

     Starting the vehicle

    Vehicles with smart key system Carry the smart key or leave it inside the vehicle. Make sure the parking brake is firmly applied. Place the shift dial in P (Park). With the shift dial in N (Neutral), you cannot start the vehicle. De

     EV button

    Whenever you press the EV button, Plug-in hybrid system drive mode will be changed in sequential as: Automatic (AUTO) mode - Hybrid (CS) mode - Electric (CD) mode. Press and hold the EV button to change to EV+ mode. Each time the mode is


     Limitations of Remote Smart Parking Assist

    In the following circumstances, Remote Smart Parking Assist performance to park or exit the vehicle may be limited, there may be a risk of collision, or Remote Smart Parking Assist may turn off. Park or exit the vehicle manually if necessary.

     Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAFS)

    Description MAFS uses a sensing element made of a hot-film to measure the mass of intake air entering the engine and to send the signal to the ECM. A large amount of intake air represents acceleration or high load conditions while a small am