KIA Niro: Driving the hybrid/plug-in hybrid vehicle


 Starting the vehicle

Vehicles with smart key system Carry the smart key or leave it inside the vehicle. Make sure the parking brake is firmly applied. Place the shift dial in P (Park). With the shift dial in N (Neutral), you cannot start the vehicle. De

 EV button

Whenever you press the EV button, Plug-in hybrid system drive mode will be changed in sequential as: Automatic (AUTO) mode - Hybrid (CS) mode - Electric (CD) mode. Press and hold the EV button to change to EV+ mode. Each time the mode is

 Special features

Hybrid vehicles sound different than gasoline engine vehicles. When the hybrid system operates, you may hear a sound from the hybrid battery system behind the rear seat. If you apply the accelerator pedal rapidly, you may hear an unconventional


 Headlamp and front fog lamp aiming (for Europe)

Headlamp aiming Type A Type B Operation Inflate the tires to the specified pressure and remove any loads from the vehicle except the driver, spare tire, and tools. The vehicle should be placed on a flat floor. Draw vertical lin

 Smart Cruise Control (SCC)

Smart Cruise Control is designed to help detect the vehicle ahead and help maintain the desired speed and minimum distance between the vehicle ahead. (Kia Niro EV only) Overtake acceleration assist function If the driver attempts to overtake,