KIA Niro: Hybrid system gauge

Power gauge

Type A
Type A

Type B
Type B

The hybrid system gauge indicates whether the current driving condition is fuel efficient or not.

  • CHARGE: Shows that the energy made by the vehicle is being converted to electrical energy. (Regenerated energy)
  • ECO: Shows that the vehicle is being driven in an Eco-friendly manner.
  • POWER: Shows that the vehicle is exceeding the Eco-friendly range.

Hybrid battery SOC (State of Charge) gauge

Type A
Type A

Type B
Type B

This gauge indicates the remaining hybrid battery power. If the SOC is near the "0 (Low)" level, the vehicle automatically operates the engine to charge the battery.

However, if the Service Indicator ( ) and Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) ( ) turn on when the SOC gauge is near the "0 (Low)" level, we recommend the vehicle to be checked by an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.


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