KIA Niro: Starting the vehicle

Vehicles with smart key system

  1. Carry the smart key or leave it inside the vehicle.
  2. Make sure the parking brake is firmly applied.
  3. Place the shift dial in P (Park). With the shift dial in N (Neutral), you cannot start the vehicle.
  4. Depress the brake pedal.
  5. Press the ENGINE START/STOP button.

    If the hybrid system starts, the READY indicator will come on.

    Whether the engine is cold or warm, it should be started without depressing the accelerator.

After following the start procedures, READY indicator on the instrument cluster will turn on. For more details, please refer to "Starting the vehicle"

Economical and safe operation of Hybrid system

  • Drive smoothly. Accelerate at a moderate rate and maintain a steady cruising speed. Do not make "jackrabbit" starts. Do not race between stoplights.

    Avoid heavy traffic whenever possible.

    Always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles so you can avoid unnecessary braking. This also reduces brake wear out.

  • The regenerative brake generates energy when the vehicle decelerates.
  • When the hybrid battery power is low, the hybrid system automatically recharges the hybrid battery.
  • When the engine is running with the shift dial in N (Neutral), the hybrid system cannot generate electricity. The hybrid battery cannot recharge with the shift dial in N (Neutral).


In the hybrid system, the engine automatically runs and stops. When the hybrid system operates, the READY indicator is appeared.

In the following situation, the engine may operate automatically.

  • When the engine is ready to run.
  • When the hybrid battery is being charged.
  • Depending on the temperature condition of the hybrid battery.


     EV button

    Whenever you press the EV button, Plug-in hybrid system drive mode will be changed in sequential as: Automatic (AUTO) mode - Hybrid (CS) mode - Electric (CD) mode. Press and hold the EV button to change to EV+ mode. Each time the mode is

     Special features

    Hybrid vehicles sound different than gasoline engine vehicles. When the hybrid system operates, you may hear a sound from the hybrid battery system behind the rear seat. If you apply the accelerator pedal rapidly, you may hear an unconventional

     Hybrid system gauge

    Power gauge Type A Type B The hybrid system gauge indicates whether the current driving condition is fuel efficient or not. CHARGE: Shows that the energy made by the vehicle is being converted to electrical energy. (Regenerated ene


     Collision-avoidance assist (while departing)

    A: Emergency braking The warning light on the outside rear view mirror (side view mirror), head-up display (if equipped), an audible warning and the steering wheel vibration will warn the driver of a collision. It assists in braking control

     Power windows lock button

    Kia NIRO Hybrid Operation Push the power windows lock button. Rear passenger window is inoperable. The front driver and passenger window can be operated. WARNING NEVER leave the keys in your vehicle with unsupervised c